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Do Your New Year's Resolutions Include Digital Transformation?

digital transformationBetter data leads to better analysis, which leads to better decisions. And this allows for more valuable investments that lead to better data. An easy way to get started? Daily journaling!The cyclical nature of digital transformation makes it a timely topic as we start the new year and work to hold onto our resolutions: starting a new diet, prioritizing daily exercise, and saving money. I suggest you use the momentum of your new resolve (even if you have already had a slip) to track your digital transformation progress. As you gain a better understanding of the activities and investments you are making, you can then make informed efforts to improve key stages of the process.

How Can You Get Started?

Journaling is a great way to start the digital transformation journey. We want to immediately begin collecting that data on where we are investing our time and money.

Don’t overthink these first steps. We will get to optimization, growth, automation, and more down the line. For now, it's more important to just get started.

Think of this as diet and exercise for our time and money. Like diet and exercise, don’t wait for Fitbits, smartphones, watches, digital scales, and apps. Start by just keeping track.

Let's Take a Look at a Simple Example...

To demonstrate how fundamentally simple this process is, let’s go “old school” and forget about modern technology for a moment. Benjamin Franklin journaled much of his day-to-day, and even hour-to-hour, activities.

His daily journals documented his regular schedule:

  • Waking at 5:00 AM to begin each day answering, “The Question: What good shall I do this day?”
  • He would then plot out his day, noting time for accounting and lunch at noon
  • Then, after 5:00 PM, "Put things in their places. Supper. Music or diversion, or conversation. Examination of the day."
  • Finally, he would complete the entry by answering the evening corollary to the morning inquiry; “The Question: What good have I done today?”

As we begin the new year with the promise of digital transformation, I would like to challenge you to get started on the invaluable habit of daily journaling!

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